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Team- and company ratings

Team ratings

# A team consists of a maximum of six participants (there are no requirements regarding the composition of the team).
# All team members must be registered for the same route.
# All team members start in the designated starting block.
# At least four team members must cross the finish line together within 30 seconds.
# The team time is the time of the participant who crosses the finish line fourth.
# The top three teams on each route receive non-monetary prizes.
# The team fee is €25.
# In addition, there must be an individual registration for each team member.

Company ratings

# The team must consist of at least eight participants.
# The kilometers ridden on all routes are added together regardless of time.
# The corporate fee is €10.

Mixed Gender / Tandem Classification

# Unfortunately, in 2024, we do not offer a Mixed Gender / Tandem classification.