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"The ULTRA Bike is something special"
Joschy Stiegeler (65/Kirchzarten), in the ULTRA Bike OC and also working for the sponsor Cuore:

"For me, the ULTRA Bike is a local cycling event that you simply have to support. I have been at the start every time. I first rode with the two bosses of Cuore, Jürgen Sprich and Jürgen Eckmann, at the first Grundig World Cup in the late 1980s. At first, I didn't even have my own bike; Jürgen Eckmann lent me one. Then I bought my own bike and participated in eight Grundig World Cups. The ULTRA Bike is a goal I train for every year. When I was building my house and couldn't train much, I started on the shorter courses. Once I had knee surgery, which was four weeks before the ULTRA Bike. Doctors and physiotherapists said I should forget about participating this time. But because the treatment went well and I had the absolute will to participate again after already being there ten or twelve times, I was able to start on the short course."

Barbara Löffler (54/Freiburg), the first woman to make it into the 20s Club:

"I was already at the premiere in 1997. So far, I've participated in the Ultra 20 times and twice in the marathon. Cycling is enjoyment, fun, sport, stress relief for me... If you want to participate in the ULTRA Bike, you know you always have to do a bit of training because it doesn't work without it. We always enjoy being in the area around Menzenschwand and Bernau during the race. You ride in groups with Italians or Dutch people, the interaction is always very friendly, and even if you don't really know each other, you high-five at the finish line and think: Great, I made it again this year."

Harald Steidel (59/Freiburg), Barbara Löffler's husband:

"We always start together. It's already a tradition that we participate in the ULTRA Bike. It's our home race, for which we train. We think it's great that such a wonderful competition is offered here and that most people do this work voluntarily. We are happy to support it. Usually, we meet friends on race day at half-past six in the morning in Freiburg and then ride together to the start in Kirchzarten; some still have to make a quick stop in the cornfield on the way. We aim to make it somehow, even if it gets a bit harder every year."

Tobias Wißler (50/Freiburg):

"What I like about mountain biking is the experience of nature. In 1997, I rode the long course. I've always been loyal to the ULTRA Bike, only twice did I ride something else. Once I participated in Trondheim-Oslo, and the other time in a 24-hour bike marathon. For me, the ULTRA Bike is a piece of home memory; the event has priority for me. When you've been there so many times, it's hard not to do it anymore. As an event, the ULTRA Bike is something special: When you come to Kirchzarten on race weekend, all of Kirchzarten is ULTRA Bike. I am active all year round: In winter, I train indoors for about 10 hours a week; in spring and summer, I reach 15 hours. I ride because it's important to me."

Peter Leonhard (56/Stegen):

"I've been there 23 times so far. Cycling is my passion, and the ULTRA Bike is always the highlight. We have a small racing team: the Schauenberg Racing Team. We are ambitious hobby riders. We participate in races all over Europe: Comparatively, the ULTRA Bike is top organized. In the team ranking, we are usually well-placed. I train 12 to 15 hours a week, mainly on weekends. Since I work in Hochdorf, I often ride my bike there and back, integrating training into my everyday life."

Bruno Rombach (71/Kohlplatz, part of Titisee-Neustadt):

"Yes, I am a true Black Forester. Actually, I wanted to stop participating in the ULTRA Bike at the age of 70, but then came Corona and the two cancellations, so now I have to continue a bit longer to reach 25. The atmosphere in the morning at the start in Kirchzarten is simply great. In the beginning, you said to yourself: Now I've done it six or seven times, now I'll make it to ten. Then you wanted to reach 15, then 20... it's just nice. I train with RSV Unteribental. We meet on Tuesday evenings and sometimes on Saturdays. We do about 30 to 35 tours a year. After training in the evening, we drink a beer together, sometimes it becomes two, so everyone must have lights on their bikes. Of course, you get a bit slower with age, but the equipment keeps getting better. Usually, I train three times a week. In good weather, I ride daily; if the weather is bad, I stay on the sofa. The event here is super organized, no question. But without the great helpers, it wouldn't work."